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Top 10 tips to successfully migrate to SharePoint Server 2019

With this ultimate guide, come and learn about different methods & techniques to successfully migrate to SharePoint Server 2019, the next stop on the on-premises journey for SharePoint as it has been designed to meet the demands of modern workstyles. In this session, we have a lot of new information for admins, sharing what’s new and coming in the next on-premises version of SharePoint – with insights on hybrid and real-world scenarios on migrations too.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Gokan Ozcifci (MVP)

#Sketchnotes and #FunctionalDrawing (not only) for Consultants and IT Pros

In order to appeal to both halves of the brain its important to combine visual information with text-based information. Employees shall change their behaviour, but they need to be coached and accompanied. Visuals are an appreciating approach for giving employees guidance. It’s real handmade communication at eye-level and always something precious for every audience. In this session you will learn the basics of functional drawing. Please don’t be scared if you think, your 4 year-old draws better than you! This session is not about being an artist or about competing and comparing, but about getting your idea on a paper in order to engage and inspire others! After this session, you all will say: I CAN DRAW!

categorie: Soft-Skill

Speaker: Luise Freese (MVP)

Sponsor: Alegri International Service GmbH

The offline part of the digitalization – Change & Adoption explained

Devoteam Alegri Speaker: Michael Roth and Stephan Quast

Everyone is talking about change & adoption. In this presentation we want to show what exactly it means and how diverse the topic actually is.

In the IT environment, terms such as change, transformation, adoption, digitalization, etc. are often used and very few people really know what is behind them – surprisingly it’s less IT than most people think. It is the offline topics that are in focus here: talking to people about their work, what drives them, how they work and how, technically speaking, their passion can best be transferred to the workplace of the future.

In short, this requires three easy steps:

1. the common challenge

2. the common goal

3. the common way

At the beginning every change & adoption issue starts with a common challenge. What is the starting position, where do we stand today, where do we come from? This means a lot of analysis, discussion, evaluation and understanding. This is only possible through personal contact. No wires attached.

Only when there is a common (!) understanding of the current situation, a common solution can be considered. How does our solution actually look like? How can we tell that we have arrived in the digitalisation? What should our cooperation and communication actually be like? At this point, a lot of people notice how important the topic of digitalisation and change & adoption actually is. You create your own workplace of the future.

In the third step, when starting position and goal lie clearly ahead of you, work can begin working on the way. What are the concrete steps that are necessary for us to achieve our goal? What must employees and the organization on the one hand, but also the IT infrastructure on the other hand, be prepared for? And how do we actually bring those two together? What affects everybody can only be solved by everybody. Which is why the interaction between people and IT is of the utmost importance here.

And in the end? There is not only the workplace of the future, but also a whole new understanding of communication and cooperation. Digitalization poses an immense challenge, but also an immense potential. Together this potential can be harnessed.

categorie: IT-Pro, Soft Skill

Für den Sponsor: Michael Roth

Modern SharePoint als Intranet

Die Feuerwehr Dormagen/ Freiwillige Feuerwehr Dormagen gehört zu den innovativsten ihrer Zunft. Sie haben schon vor Jahren begonnen mit Office 365 und Office 365 Groups ihre Wachen und Löschzüge zu organisieren. Dazu wird auf die NGO Lizenzen von Microsoft gesetzt. Die digitalisierte Feuerwehr als Reallife Beispiel ist ein tolles Beispiel für den SharePoint Saturday Cologne. Dies schließt an ein wunderbares Feuerwehr Office 365 Meetup in 2018 an. Die Bühne gehört euch! Nun beginnt ihr neues Projekt: Ein Intranet auf Basis von SharePoint Online.

Wir möchten euch zeigen wie wir auf Basis unserer Office 365 Groups das Intranet aufgesetzt haben. Dazu nutzen wir die Modern-Teamsites und eine globale HubSite.

Categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Michael Skusa (Feuerwehr Dormagen)

Sponsor: Firestart

Let Your Work Flow – Digital Business Process Automation with SharePoint and FireStart

Business Process Management (BPM) has become an important discipline in the recent years, but still many companies struggle with broken processes to bring their ECM and ERP strategy to the next level. The FireStart BPM Suite was Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2016 and is one of the most prominent BPM tool sets with a Low/No-Code approach. It helps companies manage process modelling and workflow automation along their SharePoint strategy in a professional way. BPM is much more than just workflow, so the session will cover real-life customer scenarios with live demos and first hand best practices.

Speaker: Patrick Antonik (BPM Architect)

Extend your O365 with Azure Functions and Graph API

In this session you will learn to create a Azure Function which has the possibility to Access O365 Calendars and show the events on a Website. You will see how you can build such a System with Azure DevOps and secure all relevant data in a KeyVault and it will be provided during the release process to the Azure Function

Speaker: Christian Waha (MVP)

categorie: DEV


Secure your SharePoint Online application

DUsing Azure Active Directory Conditional Access, administrators can define company-own conditions under which circumstance SharePoint Online applications are accessible. In combination with Session Controls, Azure Active Directory Conditional Access additionally secures access e.g. from company-foreign devices by providing a read-only access.

Speaker: Thorsten Forke

Categorie: IT Pro

Sponsor: Quest

Office 365 Workloads are increasing: How to keep Control, simplify Management Tasks and increase Security, Governance and Compliance in a Hybrid World?

Millions rely on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 every day for their enterprise applications. But with users storing more and more sensitive data in Office 365, onPrem and Azure, you must be vigilant about security and compliance.

Quest Enterprise Reporter and ControlPoint help ensure the security of Azure Active Directory, Azure resources, Exchange Online, SharePoint,  Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Windows- and SQL Server environments.

Detailed, customizable reports help you protect sensitive data and prepare for internal and external audits, also for GDPR purposes.  Automated reports help you reduce IT workloads while ensuring stakeholders have the information they need, when they need it. Learn in this session how to secure the rest of your hybrid environment by extending your visibility with Advanced Reporting and simplified Management.

Categorie: IT Pro

für den Sponsor: Ragnar Heil (MVP)


Create an immersive experience with Office 365 data and Mixed Reality using HoloLens

Think of provisioning information on real-life objects or straw through Cloud data like persons, related contacts, documents and other stuff. This allows you to build rich applications containing information you normally process in a 2D world like your browsers. By extending it to a 3D world, you are able to process the data in a completely different way. Think of creating teams of people within your organization and group them based on specialties, getting a more clear inside view of your site structure in SharePoint or have a 3D model of the Microsoft Graph entities related objects

categorie: Developer

Speaker: Alexander Meijers  (MVP)

Business Process Modeling für Teams mit SharePoint

BPM als Fundament für Intelligence Work ist unerlässlich. Dieser Vortrag erläutert die warum mittels Cloud Technologie eine Optimierung der internen Prozess ansteht, welche diese sind und wie vorgegangen werden muss. SharePoint als zentrales Informationsmanagement Tool in Nutzung mit Microsoft Teams verändern die Arbeitsprozess maßgeblich. Dabei ist das Vorgehen neu für Kunden aber auch Consultants. Sie lernen in diesem Vortrag die Grundlangen und die Steuerungsprinzipien kennen.

Speaker: Thomas Poett (MVP)


SharePoint and Document Automation – How to generate PDFs, Words, Presentations and Mails with one click or one MS Flow

To run real live business processes from SharePoint Online (or on Premise) you often need to create Microsoft Office or PDF documents automatically. In this session, you will get an overview of the technical options you have when it comes to document automation with SharePoint, including the pros and cons as well as best practices.

Get a LIVE DEMO how to get the job done in minutes. Design templates in MS Office and integrate data not only from SharePoint but from any other data source and import dynamic tables, pictures, charts, bar codes and even separate documents. Eventually you will be able to get your document the way you want it: per click, per MS Flow, per MS PowerApp or any workflow tool!

Visit our session and meet the dox42 experts at our dox42 booth!

categorie: IT Pro, DEV

Speaker: Johannes Linder, Fabian Huber

Session Informationen:

Bots and Language understanding: 1.5 years after General Availability

The Azure Bot Service and the Language Understanding Intelligence Service have been in GA for more then a year now. What changed during this year. Is it still a minimal viable product? In this session we will have an overview of the things that changed and the learned lessons from implementing bots into the enterprise. What’s the level of adoption? And of course what are the cool new things bot’s can do. It’s not just a simple chat bot anymore.

categorie: Development

Speaker: Rick Van Rousselt (MVP)

Sponsorsession: AvePoint

SharePoint 2019 – Is it worth the migration pain?

Since end of last year SharePoint 2019 is here! This means, decision makers, administrators and users ask themselves again: To migrate or not to migrate?

Answering this question, we’ll have a detailed look at SharePoint 2019 with focus on new features and their impact on our business. We’ll also check the requirements for our administrators. We’ll learn about:

  • What’s the upgrade path?
  • What resources are required?
  • Will it work even without the Cloud?

In this interactive session, of course, we’ll also see a live demo of SharePoint 2019 and we’ll play together myth busting about all things you heard about the next version of Microsoft on-premises collaboration solution.

categorie: IT-Pro

Für den Sponsor: Robert Mulsow

Migrating Legacy Public Folders to Modern Public Folders and to Microsoft Teams

Migrating from legacy public folders to modern public folders in Exchange Online is a error prone process. Especially for Exchange organizations using legacy public folders since the early days. Real world examples from the field will show you how to determine the right migration approach. Additional information will help you to avoid the most common errors when migrating to modern public folders to the cloud. But what about after migrating to the? There is more. Prepare for decommissioning Public Folders by moving content to Microsoft Teams.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Thomas Stensitzki (MVP)

Cloud management – ready or not, here it comes!

A session packed with demos where we will go through a cloud managed device’s journey, from enrolling to managing to recycling it. We will see what the users will see and how the admins will manage different activities while showcasing most of the preview features available.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Octavian Clinci  ( Sr solution architect, Adidas)

Sponsor Session Bright Skies

TBest practices about a successful transformation of workloads to Office 365

Abstract: For the establishment of a Modern Workplace based on Office 365, the transformation of the current workloads is indispensable. However, not only the technical possibilities should be in the foreground, but also the organization and business processes should be considered. This consideration is not only important for the launch of Microsoft Teams, but also for a file server migration to SharePoint Online. In this session you will learn which questions you should ask yourself to successfully transform your current workloads.

Speaker: Falco Ostermann

Making the pieces fit – the Office 365 security & compliance puzzle

Office 365, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS), Azure Information Protection. There’s no lack in Microsoft’s offering of security & compliance solutions. But how do these solutions work together? Up to 2017 SharePoint Online and Azure Information Protection didn’t like each other much. And data governance labels and Azure Information Protection labels were equal in name only. In this session, Albert will go over all these pieces and will explain them. He will also demonstrate the functions and show you how to create a complete puzzle.

categorie: IT-Pro, Security

Speaker: Albert Hoitingh (MVP)

Everything about SharePoint and OneDrive External Sharing

Come to this session to learn how to manage and control external sharing in your tenant when the users want to collaborate with external users.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Sara Barbossa (MVP)

SharePoint Branding for Grownups, Branding für Erwachsene (RELOADED)

Lange Zeit konnte die SharePoint Online „Modern“ User Experience kaum angepasst werden. Dies hat sich in den Jahren 2017 und 2018 massiv geändert. Mittlerweile ist es problemlos möglich Farben, das Aussehen generell, sowie Anpassungen an dem Aufbau von Seiten, Header & Footer vorzunehmen. Diese Session geht in die Tiefen der Anpassbarkeit und zeigt häufig gewünschte Modifikationen und Erweiterungen (z.B. den Kantinenplan aus einer SharePoint Liste auf einem Fullscreen Display anzuzeigen), sowie wie diese auf einfachste Weise integriert werden können. For quite some time the SharePoint Online „modern“ user experience offered only limited customization capabilities. However, over the course of 2017 and 2018 things have been improved tremendously. Without being an expert developer it is now possible to change colors, the general look & feel, customize page layouts, tweak header & footer, and more. This session dives into the options and shows some frequently requested modifications and extensions (e.g. display the canteen menu using a SharePoint list on a fullscreen display), including how they can be integrated easily.

Notes and comments

Level: DEV (JSON, Site Designs, Site Scripts, Site Themes, Column & View Formatting, SPFx Full Page App, SPFx Application Customizing Extensions: Inject CSS, Inject JS, Footer with Piwik/Mamoto/Google Analytics).

Categorie: Developer

Speaker: Siegfried Weber (dmTech, Karlsruhe)


Zusammenarbeit mit Office 365 im Drogeriemarkt – nie war es einfacher als heute

Mit mehr als 40.000 Mitarbeitern in 3.500 in Europa verteilten Filialen und ca. 8000 Büroangestellten ist der Einstieg in die Office 365 Cloud nicht nur eine technische Herausforderung. Die Modernisierung der Arbeitsbereiche mit Hilfe von Office 365 ist eine Produktivitätssteigerung, die jeder einzelne Mitarbeiter der dm-drogerie markt GmbH und letztlich auch jeder Kunde direkt zu spüren bekommt. Wir beschreiben, wie wir es geschafft haben, IT fremden Kollegen die Angst vor Technologie zu nehmen und sie mit Mehrwerten zu überzeugen. Nicht nur kommunikative Fähigkeiten in unseren Ladengeschäften, sondern auch die unternehmensweite Team- und Projektarbeit in den filialunterstützenden Diensten wurde auf ein neues Level gehoben. Wir erzählen eine Erfolgsstory vom ersten Piloten, über den daraufhin entstanden Sog bis hin zum fertigen produktiven Rollout. With more than 40,000 employees in 3,500 branches distributed throughout Europe and approx. 8,000 office employees, getting started with the Office 365 Cloud is not just a technical challenge. The modernization of the work areas with the help of Office 365 is an increase in productivity that every single employee of dm-drogerie markt GmbH and ultimately every customer can feel directly. We describe how we managed to take the fear of technology away from our IT colleagues and convince them with added value. Not only communicative skills in our stores, but also the company-wide team and project work in the branch-supporting services were raised to a new level. We tell a success story from the first pilot, through the resulting pull to the finished productive rollout.

Categorie: IT-Pro, Best practise, Case Study

Speaker: Bernd Diel (dmTECH GmbH, project manager, Microsoft Inhouse Consultant) und Hagen Deike (dmTech GmbH, Office 365 architect, Microsoft Inhouse Consultant)

Modernize your classic SharePoint sites

We all agree that SharePoint modern experiences are compelling, flexible and easier to use. But what to do if we have the classical experience present in our O365 Environment? How do we convert those sites, lists, document libraries, and webpages to the modern experience since there is no direct mapping of all classic to modern experiences? In this session, we will learn how to transition classical sites and assets to the new experiences, starting with planning and analysis, through direct transformations as well how to deal with heavy customizations This session will be extremely interactive if you plan to attend, prepare to learn!

Categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Rodrigo Pinto (MVP)

User Adoption: How to engage your Organization early to make an Impact

Solutions get delivered all the time, but getting the Business to adopt a solution is not automatically guaranteed. Business Users have their own priorities and deadlines, and when their needs are not considered, a new solution is often viewed as nothing more than a disruption to their work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this session, Antje Lamartine will review common User Adoption challenges based on real-world scenarios and present strategies that will help you engage Business Users early and make them feel included.

Categorie: Soft Skill

Speaker: Antje Lamartine

Intranets on SharePoint and Office365 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


“What’s the deal with Communication and Teams Sites?”, “Should I use Teams or Groups for collaboration?”, “Is on-premises dead?” Those questions sound familiar? Then let’s talk about the different opportunities on how to orchestrate the core services of Office365 and SharePoint on-premises to deliver an intranet architecture that not only adds value but also drives user adoption. SPFx, PnP and Microsoft Graph build the technology base layer, whereas services like Flow, PowerApps or the Azure Bot Framework take your intranet to a new level. But never forget about the main target: your users must use it on a daily basis. This session gives an overview of the not so techie side, focusing on the tools in the design, architecture and roll-out phase and of course the setup of an ideal intranet project.

Categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Thomas Gölles

Videos – eine neue Dokumentart im Unternehmen

Textbasierte Dokumente angereichert mit Bildern sind der Standard in Unternehmen in vielen Bereichen. Anleitungen, Prozessbeschreibungen, Schulungsunterlagen, … Doch ein Video sagt mehr als 1.000 Worte! Ich möchte in meiner Session einen Überblick über den Office 365 Service Microsoft Stream zur Bereitstellung des Mediums Video um Unternehmen geben sowie zeigen, mit welchen einfachen Mitteln und welchen Arten von Videos welcher Content erstellt werden kann. Die Session soll dazu anregen, selber Videos im Unternehmen zu erstellen und durch dieses Vormachen andere dazu ermutigen, Wissen über Bewegtbilder zu teilen.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Tomiaslav Karafilov

Spice up your modern SharePoint-list with custom list forms with PowerApps

For some time now SharePoint Online is undergoing a make-over. With the arrival of de Modern User Interface the humble SharePoint list received a new look and feel. A year ago Microsoft added the ability to modify the default list forms with PowerApps. In this session we will look into the use of these new PowerApps-forms. How does it work, what are the limits and boundaries and what are the known issues.

Categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Rebekka Aalbers

Building your personal Office 365 Bot assistant

Imagine having a personal Office 365 Bot assistant in your daily job routine, which can help you to provide all information that you need, like for example who is your manager, scheduling a meeting, displaying and updating your profile picture or list the Microsoft Teams where you are involved and so on. In this session, we will see how to build a Node.Js Bot which will use a machine learning-based service to build natural language LUIS and consuming the Microsoft Graph API.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Giuliano De Luca [MVP]

Swiss Army Knife: SharePoint, Groups, Teams and/or OneDrive?

This question is asked frequently from customers and employees. What is a best practice to work out as IT and what things are important to think of by creating a solution for Companies, business units or departments. With some examples from the real world, this session tries to get you out of the labyrinth of decision and giving you advices to hold user adoption high.

categorie: IT-Pro

Speaker: Martin Przybysz

Migrate to SharePoint Online using native Tools

You’ve decided for the cloud and Office 365. Now it’s time to upload your existing data into SharePoint online. You’re suffered by migrating using Drag and Drop, maintaining folder structures is nearly impossible and last but not least you would like to keep the original “Modified” date and time? In this track you will learn how you can use the new native Tools for Office 365 to convert existing file shares or SharePoint on-premises sources into so called Migration Packages and upload them to Windows Azure Storage. Finally, we’re starting the Migration into SharePoint Online und use these tools: – SharePoint Online PowerShell (New-SPOMigrationPackage) – UI SharePoint Migration Tool – Azure Storage (temporary) During the live demo you’ll see how easy a migration can be. Make sure to stay until the end, as I’m sharing my scripts with you. You’ll learn about general Migration practices like staging, communication, involved components. The live demo will show you the technical steps live using native Tools.

categorie: IT-Pro Speaker: Dennis Hobmaier (MSCE SharePoint)